Organizations - Start Your Evolution

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Here's how we'll help your organization evolve...


Key partners: Executive and Senior Leadership Level

Phase 1: Organizational Assessment

  • Organizational Readiness  
  • Leadership  
  • Infrastructure 

Phase 2: Strategic Planning 

  • Mission, Vision, Values 
  • Operational Planning 
  • Budget Development 

Phase 3: Change Management

  • Organizational Climate and Culture Assessment
  • Communication Strategy Development
  • Action Plans for Strategic Implementation


Key partners: Management Team

Phase 1: Business Model Definition

  • Core Business Identification
  • GAP Analysis- staffing, support, infrastructure, and services
  • Redefine Organizational Strategies

Phase 2: Core Services Definition

  • Market Analysis
  • Service Alignment
  • Organizational Chart Alignment

Phase 3: Leadership at All Levels (3-Tier Leadership Development)

  • Executive
  • Management
  • Workforce


Key partners: Staff, Workgroups, and Committees

Phase 1: Integration Assessment

  • PIP and the Provider Survey
  • Provider Education
  • Provider and Administration Education (PCBH or Collaborative Care Model)

Phase 2: Practice Management

  • Centralized Scheduling
  • Appointment Management
  • Care Management

Phase 3: Productivity Planning 

  • Clinic and/or Services Profile Assessment
  • Workload Analysis (to include the Performance Job Description)
  • Productivity Data Discovery


Patient and Organization Collaboration

Phase 1: Quality Control

  • Integrate Customer Focus Philosophy into CQI Model and Process
  • Program Outcome Measure Template
  • Implementation of Process and Project Management Model

Phase 2: Analytics

  • Outcome Measures
  • Action Plan Milestone Tracking
  • Dashboards

Phase 3: Marketing and Advertising

  • Social Media Strategies
  • Promotional Events
  • Marketing Strategy